Virginie Houet - Founder

I want, through my pen and my abilities, to support those who hope to have their voices heard in order to bring about positive change for human rights.

Holding a degree in Information and Communication (print media department) from the Universities of Avignon, Liège, Paris, and Brussels, I am an independent journalist and co-author of the book “Elise, 7 years old and Expat”, published by Les Éditions Amalthée.

My professional life began in Belgium in particular as a developer of media education courses, a trainer in a support association for immigrant women, and policy officer for the Province of Hainaut.

Passionate about the discovery of the world and accompanied by my family, we emigrated in 2009. In Thailand, I worked for the Tamar Center, a support center for persons who work as prostitutes. It was in Pattaya also that my journalistic activities began, strictly speaking; I wrote my first article for the Femmes d’Aujourd’hui magazine.

Then, off to the USA! In Houston, I took part in the creation of Houston Expat Pro, an association of support that supported the promotion of work of united expatriate entrepreneurs. There, I also became a correspondent for the newspaper French Morning.

From Atlanta, where I currently reside, simultaneously with the writing of articles (dealing primarily with the theme of expatriation, exile, and the defense of human rights), I work on new literary projects of which the goal is to defend human rights, and specially, the rights of women, children, homosexuals and elderly people.

In June 2018, I will be returning to Europe, where I intend to develop the literary workshop and incubator Equality by Words, while still pursuing my activities as a journalist and author.

I believe in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations).
Article 1: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another
in a spirit of brotherhood.”