“Everyone must receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against because of sex”

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Interview of Fatouma Cisse


Picture: Marius Tuyishime

The ASSOCIATION LE CHANGEMENT MALI (ACM-EDD), headquartered in Bamako, Mali, in Africa, is an “apolitical association, secular and non-profit” explains Fatouma Cisse, president of the association. The Association is a local player, involved with the men and women of Mali. It promotes changes to mindsets and behavior in order to develop laws that protect the rights of women and girls. This is done through information, education, and communication strategies.

The Association aims to eliminate all harmful cultural and traditional practices based on the idea of the inferiority or the superiority of either sex or the stereotypical roles of women and men.

Our goal is to give them the same opportunities from the start. The Association also fights against all forms of violence against women and girls. We are fighting against gender disparities first. We make women and girls aware of all of their rights and assure equal opportunities to girls and boys through education from birth. We foster a culture of fairness in rights and responsibilities through workshops, symposiums, and seminars.

We include ESD (Equality in Rights and Responsibilities) in health programs with leaders in these areas.  Also we establish national and international structures between women in Mali and women everywhere for meetings and exchanges of information and experiences. We promote the role of women in society and support them through income-generating activities. We work with men and women in both rural and urban settings including: from religious and tribal leaders to traditional and modern communicators, universities, women’s and girls’ rights associations, and primary schools.”

If you want to help, its needs :

The ACM – Mali is a young association looking to build a reputation and an image of quality and innovative solutions that foster a culture of fairness of rights and responsibilities” continues Ms. Fatouma Cisse. “This requires financial efforts, adequate resources, and professional expertise, hence the quest for external partners. We need backing to carry out our missions with the target populations on time. We need to be mobile to go to the countryside with rural populations. We also need people to help us create written and illustrated publications (in French, Bambara, Songhoî, Peul or English) about gender equality and human rights of women/children. These would be distributed in the rural areas to children and women.”

Interviewed by Virginie Houet for Equality by Words, Contact :