Our Mission

To gather and support those who want to take action

To unite the strenghts of authors, media distributors and humanitarian associations into one networked community with stories that spark public and political awareness of human rights (most particularly women and children’human rights).
To bring together the strengths of the creators (authors, illustrators, translators, witnesses) with those of the distributors (humanitarian associations, publishers, the media).
To give voice to all the citizens of the world, both women and men, who want to TAKE ACTION for more Equality and Justice by defending human rights. Equality by Words has the tools to unleash the power of writing!

Our Mission

To publish and to generate positive change

We guide authors and creative people as their develop their ideas and their projects including publication and distribution with the targeted audience.
The goal is to create sensible, quality and high-impact publications. We want to generate public, political and legal awareness as well as to support people undergoing hardships through information, awareness and understanding.
The incubator, inspiration and accelerator of literary projects, is an international non-profit organization. It is created by journalists and authors inspired to use their talents to help safeguard human rights.

Words to protect human rights!


To UNITE the strengths of authors, media distributors and humanitarian associations into one networked community to defend human rights by producing information on this subject as widely as possible in order to raise public and political awareness.


TO EMANCIPATE aspiring unpublished writers who want to rally behind in this cause. The incubator will support the developing authors. We will encourage and reassure. We will nourish the writer's boldness in a dynamic, constructive, and positive tone.


TO OFFER to survivors and to witnesses of abuse the chance to be heard. To connect them with motivated authors and creators who will write and publish their story. To support them all in the creation, editing and, publication process as needed.


TO HIGHLIGHT the literary creations of the incubator's members and promote them through the Equality by Words' network, partners and website as well as the media.


TO PUBLISH members' creations and/or to support them through the standard edition process.


To INSPIRE, with a center for ideas and exchanges that is a source of inspiration and support for all authors, creators, and distributors united to human rights.


TO GUIDE all authors or aspiring authors who want to get involved through words (poems, novels, testimonies, songs, comics, children stories, etc.). This includes people who have never published. We offer a community to help, inspire and overcome the isolation of writing, particularly about painful subjects.


TO SUPPORT existing associations in their fieldwork in the defense of human rights by responding to their specific publication needs. We help associations to find motivated authors, illustrators, translators, and witnesses.


TO ENCOURAGE action that develops human rights protections through amplified political, legislative, and legal protection measures.


TO PROMOTE voices that have not yet been heard, to empower unknown talents, and to give life to unfinished manuscripts that show promise for building a better world. A world at the heart of which freedom, equality, and fraternity would become the keywords.