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Become an agent of change! Make your dream of writing and defending of human rights real. How? Through your pen…

Are you lacking inspiration or worried you don’t have the writing skills? Together, we will brainstorm and develop innovative idea and support you in the writing process until your work appears in print!

Support for creation

• Help defining the project and examining the different ways to approach it.
• Be a part of a forum for aspiring authors to share ideas and work together on diffrent themes related to human rights.
• Get a ressource for research and information related to human rights.

Guidance in writing

• Coaching in writing techniques.
• Follow-up and support during your work until completion.
• Typographical transcription of your vocally recorded manuscript.
• Proofreading, spelling, grammar, and text structure correction.
• Layout of the manuscript.
• Finding your writing partner if you wish so.

Publication support

• Networking with distributors (publishers and/or media outlets) potentially interested in the publication of the work or the article.

• Publication by Equality by Words Publishing. We also can act as an publisher of literary products written by authors, illustrators, translators and witnesses motivated to defend human rights. Are you concerned that your hard work developed with the incubator won’t be published? We make sure that your dream is turned into reality: we will publish it.

Post-publication support

• Evaluation and promotion of your published book through the writing of two articles: an interview and a presentation published in partner media and on our website.
• Dissemination of your article.
• Possible translation of the publications (French>English and English>French) and re-printing by the Incubator.

Connection with YOUR creation partner

• For authors, especially when writing about painful and sensitive subjects, “writing” often rhymes with “solitude.” One key, other than professional writing guidance is having a writing buddy. Other authors interested in the same topics already exist. Come find them!
• If you want to work with an illustrator, a translator, or a witness who wants to tell his/her story, we will find you the person whose vision and project resonates with yours and put you in touch!


Transform your brush strokes into powerful messengers and sources of hope for human rights!

Alone or with writings, your illustrations have a unique power to touch hearts and capture the attention of young generations crucial to our cause.

• If you are interested but don’t know how to proceed, we will match you to a “partner of creation”!
• You want to create your personal work made up of your illustrations, we provide resources to help publish them.


Use your linguistic skills to defend human rights internationally!

• You want to take action but don’t know what to translate? We will find the work that speaks to you.
• Are you a translator who has never translated professionally but wants to give the adventure a try? We will help through our writing and proofreading department, as well as through our network of professional translators.


Make your story into a lever for change!

Your voice is a source of hope for human rights. Putting your life story and testimony to paper by yourself or with an Equality by Words author could lead to awareness that mobilizes public and legislative action.

• Do you want to tell your story to encourage understanding and raise awareness? Are you looking for an author to write it? We will match you with an author interested by bringing it to life.
• If you want to tell your own story, we would be honored to guide you in this literary adventure! Go to “Our services for authors” to get started.

En fonction des services demandés, un devis pourra vous être proposé.